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Dr. Alejandro Avila has immersed himself deeply into the world of piano pedagogy, currently having students of all ages and levels.

Alejandro began teaching back in 2008, while finishing his conservatory studies in Asuncion, Paraguay, and has built piano studios throughout his undergraduate and graduate studies in São Paulo, Brazil; Mount Pleasant, Michigan; Lawrence, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Great Bend, Kansas.

Dr. Avila is the Instructor of Keyboard and Director of Accompaniment at Barton Community College. Previously, he served as a graduate teaching assistant at Central Michigan University and The University of Kansas, having taught piano class levels I - IV, as well as private lessons for both undergraduate and graduate students. He was also the director of the Community Music School at KU for two years.

As stated in his teaching philosophy: "My approach to teaching music, and particularly piano, is designed to enrich my students’ expertise of the instrument, while nurturing their musical abilities as a whole. The learning process should be navigated with encouraging charisma, and I believe that a true educator allows students to learn on their own, while facilitating such discovery. Music is merely a medium that should serve as a way to foster students’ education, and I encourage my students to grow as individuals through their work with music".

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