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Dr. Avila most recent research project focuses on the incorporation of South American piano repertoire into the pedagogy realm. His main interest is to include new repertoire into the pedagogy canon, so it can be thoroughly used by teachers and students alike during the initial years of musical formation.

His dissertation "Iguazú", passed with Honors by his doctoral committee, discusses and introduces 12 piano pieces from Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina to be implemented with elementary, intermediate, and advanced-level students.

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Alejandro is currently working on getting this project into a real "method book", so it can be widely distributed and utilized around the globe. His hope is to get this project done by 2021-22.

In the meantime, Iguazú can be found and read through subscription with ProQuest Dissertation and Theses.

Another interest of Dr. Avila is the propagation and understanding of post-tonal music and lesser-known piano repertoire.

Alejandro was invited to give a lecture on post-tonal music at the Conero International Music Festival, in August of 2020. Dr. Avila's hope is to develop a series of lectures in which he can illustrate different approaches to this type of repertoire of the XX and XXI centuries.

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